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Hey everyone,

I am in the beginning stages of working on new material. In the meantime, for the entire month of June I will donate 100% of what I receive from Bandcamp sales to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund to aid in the fight against systemic racism. Thanks for your support.


I finally have ordered a computer. Should be back at it soon.


Many moving pieces. Most of them are good things. I haven't forgotten about you all. Writing code on a phone still sucks.


There are stories that I want to tell.


So IRL things combined with my video card on my PC crapping out has pretty much brought my music and website work to a halt. I'll be buying a new PC in the coming weeks so I should be up and running again after the new year. Writing code on a phone sucks.


I'm having fun watching, collecting and sharing old paranormal/spooky TV content. I've got a bunch of other obscure, weird things to post so keep an eye out on that section.


A new section of the website has been published in honor of the upcoming Halloween season: Spooky Central! When I first started this website over two years ago the main focus was on spooky content of sorts from the past. I want this section to focus on that, it features things I've shared previously as well as new stuff as I add it. I've added some new GIFs to the spooky gif collection. Check it out here!


I've added something new to the main page. Moving forward, anything I add to the infomercial, training or video game promo pages will be backed up and archived on the Internet Archive! YouTube is great for watching things but things get inexplicably taken down and there's no guarantee that it will pop up elsewhere. I've had a few things I've posted here get taken down so while I'll still embed YouTube videos, everything is now living on the Internet Archive where it will stay and not be at as great a risk of being removed. Also, everything is in a nice playlist format so if you want to watch hours of the videos I've shared here without moving, now's your chance! Check it out here.


I've let things fall into disrepair here. I'm sorry. I've been sorting things out personally and recalibrating my creative output. This website deserves more attention than what I've given it. I'm still working on music and I have an idea for a fictional piece of writing that I've been fleshing out. I'll probably use this website to publish it if I let myself finish it.

The response to my music has been much stronger than I ever expected. The fact that there are people who have consumed something I created and paid real money for it is moving to me. Of course, you can enjoy it all you want for free, as well. I just hope that the work I do connects with others.

I have to keep going. I can't let my brain drag me down.


In 1999 WWE bought a casino and planned to make it themed around wrestling. Here's a bizarre concept video for it. I want to eat at Vince's Steakhouse after losing most of my money on D'lo Brown slot machines.


Writing and editing code using a Steam Controller is weird.


Pondering on how I want to continue expressing myself. Should I care what people think? Is any of it good? Does it matter?


Curry was a bad idea.


I'm listening to old Coast to Coast AM episodes while tinkering away at my next project. I've thought about doing a tribute-style page to 90s paranormal media. We'll see. In the mean time, enjoy this update.


I want to start to use this more. I'm always working on stuff, may as well document it or just share random thoughts.

I feel kind of guilty that I've not given as much attention to the website as I should. I always have lots of content and bizarre stuff to share on top of what’s already here, but I know I could do more. I also feel somewhat guilty that the thing that is taking my energy is pretty different from what the site started out as. To be fair, thematically it fits with the type of stuff I have always been into so it's not that out there but it is naturally going to take away resources from the rest of the site. It's mine, anyway, so whatevs.

At the end of the day I'm just glad I've found something to keep me engaged in being creative as I get older and entrenched in family and work responsibilities. I think it helps keep me sane to have some type of outlet.

I'm almost done with my next vapor wave project. I think it'll be ready sometime next week.


I haven't been around in over a month. It makes me sad, but the past month and a half has been one of the busiest and craziest periods of my life so far. I've hardly had time to breathe. I am 2 days into a 4 day weekend. Let's see if I can overcome my desire to do nothing besides watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and put something together.


Just ordered one of these beauties from Amazon that they amazingly have never stopped production on:


Last night I posted two full years of blog posts from the years 2003 and 2004, which covers a good chunk of my high school years. I changed a lot of names and made some small edits, but for the most part it is what it is. Read my bad reviews of movies and video games of the era. Read about my class-by-class account of my day at school. Read my results from copy/paste surveys. Probably isn't something a lot of people will get much out of, but I thought it was fun to browse through the lens of looking at pop culture from the time. I also probably should've been on antidepressants then. If only I could communicate with my younger self...


Driving around listening to The Used like it's 2004.


For years I've taken screenshots of just about every old school game that I play. They're pretty high quality and I'm almost always using some type of shader, so I thought that I could start sharing them here. Hopefully someone gets some enjoyment out of them.


So I kind of misfired on the Kids Club retro game thing, so I went ahead and took it down because it wasn't going to go anywhere. I have other ideas floating around, so I'll keep chipping away at those.


Another tape has been found. I don't know what to make of this website



Updates! New Nintendo promo VHS and store training videos!


I pretty much want to do nothing besides watch Just Say No-era PSAs but grown up responsibilities keep pulling me away. Can we add a few extra hours to the clock?


I had a dream that my family and I took a ferry to Ireland and for some reason we were taking our car. The ferry crashed on an island and we were stuck there for several days. Shortly after crash landing on this island that seemed remote we discovered it had nice tourist-y things such as hotels and restaurants. We decided that this crash was done intentionally so we would spend money at this other place. A few days later they fixed the boat and we left. I guess the moral of the story is you shouldn't try to drive your car across the Atlantic Ocean.


I need a nap.


One of these I'd like to get back to writing more long form stuff. Until a lot more free time magically materializes I'm pretty content with the content-focused format I have going.


Added an entirely new section to the website, one dedicated to old video game promotional VHS tapes, commercials, news stories and whatever else loosely alligns with that. Check it out!


Really excited about crossing 10,000 views. I genuinely love the Neocities community.

To celebrate, here's a screenshot I found of my PC desktop circa 2003. It really whips the llama's ass.


Added a page for links to share. I'll probably have a section for outside links and another section for Neocities pages I enjoy.


I am thinking of doing a standalone thing related to Toys R Us, but I thought I'd go ahead and share this glorious sweepstakes that was going on in the fall of 1996 on their website.

I can't wait for my real fancy limo ride from the Best Western.

Who am I kidding? This trip would've been god-tier for me at the time, even if it doesn't seem to have many Space Jam related things going on outside of the Tune Squad uniform.


Why, hello there, anxiety. Pleasure to see you again.


I recently discovered a true crime docu-series about unsolved murders/missing persons cases that focuses on my home state of West Virginia. It's really well made and worth your time if you're into that subject. Check it out!


I only take up a little of the collapsing space

I better cut this off

Don't wanna fuck it up


Real Google Search history: "los lonely boys taco bell."


I went to a mall today that I hadn't been to in years. Literally half of the storefronts in the building are empty now. Malls may not serve much of a purpose in 2018 but they were pretty important to American culture for a while for a number of reasons. It's sad to see them die off even if I've contributed to their decline. I took some pictures. Maybe I'll post them.


Made a lot of small updates. Redesigned index2, added a new page dedicated to work training/safety videos and cleaned up the page that lists all of my articles/posts from the site. Hope you enjoy!


I'm having fun with this site again. What I want it to become is slowly starting to come together. Love this community.


Over the past day or so I've become obsessed with the 1988 Super Bowl commercial from Pontiac, highlighting their vehicles hitting the market at the time. It's two full minutes of one of the best ad jingles in history. Go watch it now so it can get stuck in your head. I wish jingles were still a thing.



I decided to go to the official website for the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill that is pasted at the bottom of the screen for most of the infomercial. Since the product is dead, the website has died along with it. Don't worry, though, someone bought the URL and has created a fan site for the product. Yes, a mediocre grill made by a retired pro wrestler that was only around for like a year has at least one fan that cared enough to buy a domain and create a website to memorialize it. God bless the human race. Check out this beautiful creation yourself.


Being a grown up sucks. That must be why I spend my free time watching Hulk Hogan shill shitty appliances.


I put up a page where I'll randomly share full infomercials that entertain me. I don't know what it is about them that draws me in, but they make me feel comfortable and happy and with cable TV dying in popularity I feel like they will become obscure in the future. I know the page is ugly at the moment, but I kind of like it. I'll probably make it look better in the future. Probably.

Moving forward I think I'm going to just focus on sharing evergreen content that doesn't hold me to any sort of posting schedule. It's cathartic to get on here and write in my shitty code and to have an outlet for all of the weird nostalgic stuff that normal people would be confused by.


Time to start working on some long-planned projects here. I don't know how successful they will be, but may as well give them a go. First step of that is to move my old micro/mini blog over to the main part of Up All Night instead of operating it as its own standalone website.


Blame Super Mario Odyssey for a lack of updates across all of my sites.


Who wants to go to work for me? All I want to do is write about Power Rangers.


It sure would be nice to make it through 30 minutes of television without passing out in the recliner literally every night...


Though I always keep up with WWE I don't always watch every weekly show they put on. That's about 7 hours of weekly TV, then when you add PPVs it can get overwhelming. I do think the ending of Raw last night was ridiculous and fun as hell and worth checking out. Hopefully the build to Survivor Series can keep up the momentum. Watch it here.


With Halloween approaching, I thought it appropriate to share an excellent spoooooky playlist curated by one of my friends. It has everything from Type O Negative, Gorillaz, Rockwell, Rob Zombie, and Slayer to gospel music and songs by Crispen Glover. It has some of the usual Halloween hits (think Thriller and the Ghostbusters theme), but it is mostly comprised of deep cuts and shows that genuine thought was put into it. Listen to it if you're in the mood to git scurrred.


Rick walked outside. He could tell a storm was coming. The air was very still, and the cows were lying down. Then a puff of a breeze blew the dust at Rick's feet. The smell of wet dirt reached Rick's nose. Five miles off, the tip of a cloud rose up from behind a high hill. Rick shaded his eyes against the sun and looked down the road. There was still no sign of his brother's truck.

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