Hello, Traveler - Awesome website of odds and ends from a friend of mine.

Racing Apex - A video game in development that is heavily inspired by the aesthetics of late 80s/early 90s polygonal arcade racing games. It has bright characters and some vehicular combat elements as well. Pretty much everything I would want in a game involving cars. I just think it's gorgeous and hope to see it release soon.

Weather Channel Classics - A site dedicated to the history of the Weather Channel, its aestethic, music, etc. throughout the 90s, primarily. The site features a pretty expansive and detailed listing of the music found on the channel (by year). Also, check out their YouTube channel for hundreds of videos that people have recorded from the channel in the past. I never would've expected that so many people took the time to record the Weather Channel on VHS, but I'm glad they did.

Neocities pages that are awesome! (If you'd like to see your page here, post a link to your web banner image on my Neocities profile page here).

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